On Pause.

I know there hasn’t been a lot of activity here — rest assured it’s just because I’ve been having too much fun. I’ve been to cat cafés, oxygen tanks, observatories, planetariums, giant buddahs, onsens galore and still more festivals. We partied for the election and ended up drinking with mafia girls (and paying for the privilege). In the meantime I’ve been binging on nerdy internet info, avoiding becoming a part of the online skeptic community, undergoing an identity crisis as I find myself being genuinely interested in learning statistics and maths, and gently nursing the prospect of becoming an astronautics engineer. So, I’ve been kind of distracted from the ol’ blog!

This afternoon, Alice & I are going on a trip around the north of Japan. We’re going to visit Osore-zan, literally “Mount Fear”. Then we’ll catch the ferry up to Hokkaido, hang around in Sapporo & surrounds for a few days, then overnight ferry back to Sendai… Then it’s time for me to come home.

I don’t expect there’ll be a lot of internet connectivity around those parts, so I’ll have to do retrospective blogging. I’ve got photos and stories to tell, but they’ll all have to wait.

So… ciao for now!

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