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Japan – Day 20 – Finished

Well, I got back yesterday. Day 20 was spent on planes and trains (and automobiles to the train station, so that’s the trifecta). Nothing much to report about that, except to remark that everything went very smoothly, especially the plane. It was a little sad to leave but nice to come home; I think 3 [...]

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Japan – Tally – 3

Amount of time spent on trains – 35% Amount of spoken Japanese comprehended – 40% DS-to-PSP ratio – at least 5 to 1 Number of times impressed by JR staff’s courtesy & professionalism – all of the times

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Japan – Day 19 – The Finale

The End ;n; Said goodbye to dad & all the girls this morning, fairly painless. All packed & ready to go, my bag has only put on 2kg while I’ve been here – I wonder if I’ve not been trying hard enough?! Then again I did post my dogi back, so it’s closer to 4kg [...]

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Japan – Day 18 – Onsen & Morioka

Yesterday was nice! We got up at sparrow’s to get on the 40min train journey to catch the 40min bus ride to the hot spring resort. It was up in the mountains, and snowing, so it was very picturesque! Sadly it turned out to be more of a Roman Baths-style deal than the sort of [...]

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Japan – On TV Tonight

Is a sort of game show featuring elementary school kids as contestants. They have to hold something in their mouths, and watch a COMEDY DUO (one of which was a pair of boys in gym gear, the other was one Japanese guy dressed as a parody of Dylan from 90210 and the other in a [...]

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